Organizational Pamphlet

Official Designation - 7th Air Wing, 1st Empire States Air Division (Broadway Bombers)
Nickname - Astor's Airmen
Homebase - Moffet Airdrome, located near White Plains, NY
Commander - Vice-Air Marshal Jason "Draco" Kinart

Air Group

16th Fighter Group (Astor's Aviators) - Colonel William T. Jacobs
    23rd Fighter Squadron (Fanfarillo's Flyers) - Lt. Colonel Sisto Fanfarillo
    46th Fighter Squadron (Wild Cards) - Captain Valentine "Val" Buzbee
    129th Fighter Squadron (Hellhounds)[forming] - Captain Pauline "The Grey Ghost" Gray
8th Bomber Group - Lt. Colonel Frank Tinker
    12th Bomber Squadron (Bulls Eye Bombers) - Major Brian "The Hudson Hawk" O'Rourke
    34th Bomber Squadron (Drake's Dragons)[planned] - Captain William "Billy" Drake
Moffet Training Squadron - Captain AJ Lewis

Air Fleet Units

27th Carrier Group (The Eagle's Airmen) - Air Commodore James Reid
    1 Carrier - Eagle
    1 Light Carrier - Albatross
    1 Destroyer - Intruder
    3 Gunships - Sentinel, Defender, and Watch Keep
    6 Patrol Ships - Swallow, Rodney, Hood, Harrier, Long Island, and Parrot
    1 Provision Transport - Pelican
    1 Air Tug - Finch

Air Marine Units

152nd Air Marine Battalion (The Fighting Leathernecks) - Lt. Colonel Tom McGrath
    210th, 211th, and 212th Air Assault Unit - Specially trained troops for boarding and taking a ship.
    123rd Air Defense Unit - Responsible for all AAA at Moffet Airdrome
    A Company - Responsible for the defense of the Air Fleet ships
    B and C Company - Provide security of Moffet Airdrome

Privateer Unit

Hell's Angels - Frankie "The Devil's Executioner" Lobberegt
    Fighter Squadron (The Archangels) - Jennifer "Hell's Mistress" Hawthorne
    Assault Squadron (The Wraith of God) - Edward "Pug" Pugsley
    Carrier - Hell's Chariot - Captain Chris Foster

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