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Welcome to the Player's Guide to the Crimson Skies, the first player created Crimson Skies page.  This webpage is devoted to the board game Crimson Skies and it's players.  I encourage all gamers out there to help with the site if you wish.  If you have any suggestions, articles, or stories that you would like me to add just e-mail me. I am now excepting fighter designs, optional rules and scenarios, just e-mail me.  If you would like me to add your unit name to your affiliates roster just e-mail with the name and preferably with the commander's name.

Nations of North America A geogrphic overview of all the countries of North America. 
Aircraft of the World A section devoted to the planes of Crimson Skies, both official and players. 
Rules, Scenarios, & Gadgets Optional rules created by players to make a more in-depth game and if you don't have a Scenario or Campaign of your own you can pick one up here plus some cool gadgets you might want. 
The Pilot's Gallery Check out the art drawn and made by the player's of Crimson Skies. Stories writen by player's, from short stories to serials.  If you wish to add your story to this page send it to me and I will be glad to post your story for the enjoyment of all to read. 
Links A list of all other Crimson Skies pages. 
Changes For the most recent updates to this page.  If you want to get informed every time this page is updated just e-mail me and you will be add to the list. 

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If you have any questions or wish to add your aircraft design, scenario, or optional rules to my page fell free to e-mail me.
Jason 'Draco' Kinart