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    The links page is a comprehensive guide to all the Crimson Skies webpages out there.  Each webpage is rated for information provided, look, and ease of navigation.
    If you have a webpage and it is not on this page just e-mail me with your webpages address and I will take a look at it and post it on this page.
Ratings Description

Official and Semi-Official Webpages
    These are none rated.

Official Crimson Skies Webpage - The home page of the Crimson Skies Game, A must see.
The Crimson Skies Catalog - Looking for Crimson Skies products, this is the place to go.
The Crimson Skies Mailing List - Looking for a CS discussion group but don't like hang out in the forums then this might just be your ticket.
The Crimson Skies Webring - The site that brings most of the CS webpages together.
Crimson Skies Forums
    These are none rated.

Official Crimson Skies Forum - Having trouble with some of the rules or just want to voice your opinion then this is the place for you.
WebRPG Crimson Skies Forum - Not much has been going on here, but it makes a great fall back if the Official Forum ever goes down or you might just not like all the traffic in the Official forum.
Ace's Bar:  WebRPG Crimson Skies Talk-in-Character Forum - Ace's Bar is a place where you can go and just hang out in your Crimson Skies Character.  It is a nice place to relax or have a good time.

Player's Webpages
Player's Unit Webpages
To see where some of thes places are locate just use this link to check out the map.

Moffet Aerodrome
Webmaster - Jason 'Draco' Kinart
Rating -    For information and look
Contents - The Moffet website is home to the Astor's Airmen an Empire State based unit.  This site details a short but extensive background information, along with and organizational overview, a squadron breakdown page, and a list of other units that he plays.
Webring Member

Gyr's Crimson Skies Webpage
Webmaster - Justin L. Shepard
Rating -   For information, look, and ease of navigation
Contents - Gyr's CS Webpage is home to a Pacifica based air wing and also a mythical pirate gang.  This site contains a handy updates page, a soon to be miniature page, small resources page, an aircraft page designed to represent a company with stats provided to all aircraft, some 5 personality pages, a pirate page, a squadron breakdown for his Pacifica air wing, and a History page detailing the background of that unit.
Webring Member

The Greater Nashua Air Defense
Webmaster - John Bacon
Rating -   This page almost is a 4 skull, but sometimes the webpage is hard to navigate
Contents - This webpage is dedicated to the Greater Nashua Air Defense, which is one of toughest defense sectors in the Maritime Province.  This site contains a unit overview for the privateer unit Black Cats and hopefully soon a militia unit.  There is also an overview of the Nashua Defense Sector with a map section, Newspaper containing articles about his unit's exploits and local news, Aircraft design page, Nose Art section, and a Shadow Run conversion page.  But the most interesting page has to be his homemade CS maps.
Webring Member

The Hanger:  Home of Blood's Banshees
Webmaster - Captain Blood
Rating -  Allot of dead links
Contents - This webpage is devoted to the Nation of Hollywood privateer Blood's Banshees.  This site has some nice graphics and a good personality page, but most of the sites links are dead ends and hopefully this sites webmaster will rectify that.
Webring Member

Federal Air Service
Webmaster - Air Marshal Ripley
Rating -  For information
Contents - This webpage is devoted to Columbia's Federal Air Service stationed at the Federal Navy Yards.  Here you can find a personality page, custom aircraft page, story page, an Airfield overview, a Miniature page, and a small but good newspaper page.
Webring Member

The Deborah Squadron
Webmaster - Camille
Rating - 
Contents - This site is only one page which contains a small but interesting background section and a unit roster of the Deborah Squadron, a People's Collective unit.

Skies of Pacifica
Webmaster - Da Gubbinz
Rating -  Almost a 4, but is just a little hard to navigate
Contents - This page is home to the 38th Pacifica Corsairs, one of the premier units in the Northwest.  Here you can find a unit overview for the Corsairs, an aircraft section designed as an Aircraft Company with stats and pictures for each aircraft, a scenario section, a small newspaper devoted to the unit's exploits and local news, a gadgets page, a page devoted to his gaming crowd and a miscellaneous page with comments, updates, and general info.  But the most interesting section of this webpage is his campaign rules section, which allows you to run a campaign fairly easy and quick.
Webring Member

The Pages of Greatness
Webmaster - Charles Gerner
Rating - 
Contents - This site is devoted to nefarious Evil Foundation.  If your looking for a pulp feel to your game this is the place to go.  Here you can find a hand update section, an extensive personality page devoted to the members and workers of the Evil Foundation, a custom aircraft section, a pulp style gadgets page, and a timeline section.
Webring Member

The Wooden Hearts of Columbia
Webmaster - Tad Kelson
Rating - 
Contents - This website is just one page which contains a small story section, an aircraft section - with no game stats, and a messy unit overview of the Columbian unit.
Webring Member

Crimson Skies Base
Webmaster - Sean Holland
Rating - 
Contents - This site is devoted to various units around the shattered United States.  It contains a game review, Unit pages for a Hollywood squadron, Collective squadron, and a Pacifica squadron which also contains an aircraft section.
Webring Member

Chesterton Aviation
Webmaster - Gladius
Rating -   For information, look, and ease of navigation
Contents - Chesterton Aviation is one of the best looking sites out there.  Here you will find a the ES based aircraft company, Chesterton Aviation, with aircraft section that has stats and a bio for each of it's planes.  It also has Pilot roster page, a personality page for both the good guys and the dread enemies, page devoted to those that did not make it, a rules section, and a small links page.
Webring Member

Ronin takes to the Skies
Webmaster - Ronin
Rating - 
Contents - This site is just starting but already looks promising.  Here you can find background information for units from the Empire States and the Republic of Texas, and a squadron overview for the ES unit.
Webring Member

15th Gotham Dark Knights
Webmaster - Major Richard 'Doc Archon' Canterbury
Rating -   Has some graphics problem and some dead links
Contents - This page is home to the Empire States unit the 15th Gotham Dark Knights based out of Colt Field.  Here you can find a custom aircraft section, unit background information, local aviation stores, an Art Gallery, and story page.  All in all a good page if only he can fix his graphics problem.
Webring Member

The Black Watch
Webmaster - Erik Olsen
Rating - 
Contents - This website is just getting off the ground.  So far it only has some background information to the Appalachia unit 'The Black Watch' and a miscellaneous page.
Webring Member

Crimson Ghost
Webmaster - Crimson Ghost
Rating - 
Contents - Here you can find some background information of the Navajo Nation unit Crimson Ghost, a small links page, and a RPG additions page for the CS RPG game Glory Knights.
Harlin's Jesters
Webmaster - Derrik "Gil" Gilmore ("Joker" Harlin)
Rating - 
Contents - This website is devoted to the Utah unit Harlin's Jesters.  It includes unit roster and history, a house rules section, geography section about the nation of Utah, and an aircraft section designed as a Utah based Aircraft company.
Webring Member
Flamberge's Crimson Skies Page
Webmaster - Flamberge
Rating -  
Contents - This site is devoted to a Texas unit based out of Houston.  It includes a unit overview, unit personality page, Aircraft section designed as an Aircraft Company and includes some cool renditions of the aircraft, Unit's aircraft description page, pictures of there airfield, Unit exploit page, Intro to new pilots page, Updates page, House rules page, Gadgets page, fiction section, Links page.  All in all one of the best website devote to Crimson Skies out there.
Webring Member

Pendragon Arms Utilities And Confederate Air Works
Webmaster - Chieftain
Rating -  But should rise dramatically as soon as the promised information is added
Contents - This webpage is devote to the Dixie companies of Pendragon Arms Utilities and the Confederate Air Works.  It includes sections for Interceptors, Attack craft, and Fighter-Bombers, Unfortunately these sections currently only have stats but this pages webmaster promises histories for it's craft which should raise the appeal of this site.

Smokey Mountain Boys
Webmaster - Tim Herrmann
Rating - 
Contents - This website is devoted to a Privateer in the service of the nation of Appalachia.  Here you can find a unit roster, unit history page, scenarios page, a handy Price Guide for everyday things in 1937, and a Fiction page.

Skies Over Pacifica
Webmaster - Sabertiger
Rating -  
Contents - This webpage contains an Aircraft section, although you have to download the cadet file before getting a look at the plane, a Geo section about Pacifica, a Unit Overview, a news page, a Nose Art section, and a Missions page.
Radio Style Webpages
Voice of Dixie
Webmaster - Skyboss
Rating -  a little hard to navigate
Contents - This webpage is the home of the Confederacy radio station Voice of Dixie.  Here you can find an excellent story page, an area of operation overview, an overview of the Carolina Coast Guardians, a description of the CCG's home airfield, a small links page, and enemy pages devoted to Slade's Black Water Bandits, the pulp style Baron Stratus, and Kelly's Celts - although the there is not much in the later.
Webring Member

Webmaster - Jeff Doc Manjarrez
Rating -  almost a 4
Contents - WDOC is one of the premier ISA radio stations.  There scheduled programs include a news program about his unit's exploits, a handy updates page, an Expansion rules section, a Radio Talk Show, a small links page, and a radio style story page.
Webring Member
General Information Pages
Wings of Honor
Webmaster - Carl Cramer
Rating - 
Contents - This site is one of the best general information out there, almost rivaling the Player's Guide.  Here you can find an optional rules section, a custom aircraft section with hints in how to fly the stock planes, a Gadgets page, Feng Shui RPG conversion page, a personality page, Story page describing his gaming groups exploits, a Geography section not that different from this pages, a Squadron section describing his units and also giving overviews to the famous units like the Broadway Bombers or Hollywood Knights, a nice little resource section with ground targets and aircraft paint jobs.  All in all this is a must see site.
Webring Member

The Airdrome
Webmaster - The Marshal
Rating -  
Contents - Here you can find 3-D rules for altitude and read some more about Crimson Skies.
Webring Member

Unfriendly Skies
Webmaster - Barry Waters
Rating - 
Contents - This Webpage has a Nose Art section, a links page, and a news section with an animated news report of the Black Swan and a flip book aircraft recognition film.
Webring Member

RPG Works
Webmaster - Elf
Rating - 
Contents - At the RPG Works you can find Elf's review to CS, a Coast Guide, and various links to the CS Homepage.

Warlock's Crimson Skies Page
Webmaster - Skyth 'Warlock' DeSexton
Rating -  barely
Contents - This page is essentially bare, although it does have a small aircraft section and an Aircraft Design Program that is an alternate to CADET

Eclipse's Crimson Skies Web Page
Webmaster - Marc Urbin
Rating - 
Contents - Eclipse has a couple of aircraft designs, His take on the world beyond the shatter US, information on Duchess County in the Empire States, a small personality section and small links page.
Webring Member

Silent Reign of Heroes
Webmaster - Necromancer Bob
Rating - 
Contents - Although this page only has a couple of things it promises to become one of the best.  Here you can find a CS Player's Registry, a gadgets page, an aircraft section designed like an aviation corporation and a handy update page.
RPG Webpages
Doc' Napalm's Crash Pad
Webmaster - Molotov
Rating - 
Contents - Doc Napalm's Crash Pad is home to the Glory Knights RPG system.  Here you can find complete rules to play an RPG campaign, and record sheets for the Glory Knights game.  You can also find here a CS Aircraft section designed as an Aviation Company and also battle reports directly from Molotov's table.
Webring Member

Moonlit Nights
Webmaster - James Ojaste
Rating - 
Contents - This webpage is devoted sole to the Moonlit Nights RPG system.  The site is easy to use and the game is just about as easy.  Everything you need to run a Moonlit Nights game you can find here.

0-Day CS RPG
Webmaster - Captain Lobo
Rating - 
Contents - The first CS RPG system out there.  This webpage formed the bases for the Glory Knights system and others out there.
PBEM Webpages
Dead Parrot's CS Webpage
Webmaster - Dead Parrot
Rating - 
Contents - This PBEM is a store run campaign.  The site provides you a campaign rules page, campaign news page, an easy to use scenario generator, and a units page.  This site has allot of graphics.
Webring Member

Crimson Skies (r) Play by E-mail
Webmaster -
Rating - 
Contents - A small PBEM, but looks quite good.  The pace of the game seems slow so those of you that don't have allot of time will find this site perfect.
Webring Member

Piracy Over Pacifica PBeM
Webmaster - DataHaven
Rating - 
Contents - A small but professional page done by the same person that brought you the CS Mailing List and CS Webring. This site provides you with an intro to the game, a background page for the campaign, a campaign rules section, and an easy to use sign up page.
Webring Member

Other CS Related Sites
    These are not rated

Michael Stackpole's Home Page - Stackpole is the author of the great serial 'Fortune's Tell'.
FASA Corp. - The makers of the Crimson Skies Game
Ral Partha - The makers of the Crimson Skies Miniatures

Crimson Skies Reviews
    These are not rated

Hero Games
Beyond-Adventure Interactive Magazine
Sci-Fi Channel
The Wayfarer