16th Fighter Group

The 16th Fighter Group was formed shortly after the Wild Cards joined the Airmen.  They have proven to be a well distinguished fighting force.  There most recent exploits was the destruction of a Red Skull Legion's base that had been plaguing lower Pennsylvania.

Official Designation - 16th Fighter Group
Nickname - Astor's Aviators
Date Formed - February 1, 1935
Air Group Commendations - 1 Air Group Good Conduct Medal
Commander - Colonel William T. Jacobs
Aircraft Used - 6 Piper L-4 Grasshoppers, 4 Platt-Le Page R-1 Autogyros, and 2 Grumman Jr-F Goose Transport

Air Group Aircraft Reserves - 4 Grumman E-1c Avengers, 1 Whittly & Douglas M210 Raven, 3 Curtiss-Wright J2 Furies, and 1 spare-parts Hughes Aviation Bloodhawk


Fanfarillo's Flyers

The First Squadron to enter the 7th Air Wing.  This unit considered by some to be the core of the Airmen.  Being the  most experienced of the Airmen's fighter squadrons, the Flyer's are frequently called on to do the most dangerous missions.  They are commanded by the Italian Great War ace Sisto Fanfarillo, who has lead the Flyer's to greatness.  There tactics vary so much that it would be improper to try and give you one.

Official Designation - 23rd Fighter Squadron
Nickname - Fanfarillo's Flyers
Date Formed - September 22, 1931
Squadron Commendations - 3 Unit Good Conduct Medals and 1 Unit Medal for Valor
Commander - Lt. Colonel Sisto Fanfarillo
Role - Fighter Superiority, Escort Duty, and a variety of other duties
Aircraft Used - 6 Grumman E-1c Avenger
Color Scheme - A uniform blue on the hull with yellow on control surfaces and engine coolings



Wild Cards

An experienced and well trained unit.  The Wild Cards are a product of the Moffet Training Academy, as most of it's pilots where trained there.  They are led by there flashy commander, Captain Valentine "Val" Buzbee.  The 46th is distinguished by there use of two captured Hughes Aviation Bloodhawks witch where captured in an assault on a pirate den.  There most common tactic is to split up into three flights and form an inverted V formation with "Val" and his wingman in the Bloodhawks at the head.

Official Designation - 46th Fighter Squadron
Nickname - Wild Cards
Date Formed - March 17, 1935
Squadron Commendations - 2 Unit Good Conduct Medals
Commander - Captain Valentine Buzbee
Role - Fast-Attack Squadron, Escort Duty, Interceptions and Point Defense
Aircraft Used - 2 Captured Hughes Aviation Bloodhawks, 4 Whittly & Douglas M210 Ravens
Color Scheme - Lilac hulls with neon yellow control surfaces and engine coolings and red prop cones



The Hellhounds

The Hellhounds are the newest fighter squadron to enter the service of the 7th Air Wing.  Although it's roster has yet to be filled it's services so far have proven this unit to be a well built fighting force mostly do to the fighting skills of there commander, Captain Pauline "Grey Ghost" Gray.  The most common tactics for this yet to be fully formed unit is to split into two flights, witch are made up of green pilots, and for Captain Gray to ride shotgun and insert here firepower were needed.

Official Designation - 129th Fighter Squadron
Nickname - Hellhounds
Date Formed - December 13, 1938
Squadron Commendations - None as yet
Commander - Captain Pauline Gray
Role - Air Superiority and Escort Duty
Aircraft Used - 6 Grumman E-1c Avenger
Color Scheme - Light Grey hull with white control surfaces and engine coolings, and Skull and Cross bones on the nose



Moffet Fighter Training Squadrons

The Moffet Fighter Training Squadrons have been operating since 1935 when the base was first reopened.  Since then they have been steadily providing fighter pilots to the Astor's Airmen.  Most of the pilots in the 7th Air Wing have actually come from Moffet's training school.  The Hellhounds and Wild Cards are most notable made up of mostly Moffet trained personnel.

Official Designation - Moffet Fighter Training Squadrons
Nickname - Monkey School
Date Formed - April 29, 1935
Commander - Captain AJ Lewis
Role - Fighter Training
Aircraft Used - 6 Curtiss-Wright J2 Fury, 6 Curtiss-Wright J1 Ascenders, 4 Republic At-6 Texan Advanced Trainer, and 4 Fairchild Pt-19 "Correll" Light Trainer
Color Scheme - White hull with red engine coolings and red, yellow, and black bands around each wing and tail section.

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