Master Guide to Aviaiton Corporations

Warning!!  Some of the below companies might not exsist in this world, I have added all companies that have not specifically been mention of being disbanded on the CS webpage.  High-Lighted companies are official CS aircraft companies.  The ones with links are player aviation companies.

Empire States
Brewster Aeronautical Corporation - Long Island City, NY
Edward G. Budd Manufactruing Company - Philadelphia, Pa.
Colgate Aircraft corporation - Long Island, NY
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation - Allentown, Pa.
Cunnigham-Hall Aircraft Corporation - Rochester, NY
Curtiss-Wright Aviation Corporation - Buffalo, NY
Curtiss-Wright Aviation Corporation - Kenmore, NY
Eastern Aircraft Division, General Motors Corporation - Linden, NJ
Fleetwing Division of Kaiser Cargo, Inc. - Bristol, Pa.
G & A Aircraft, Inc. - Willow Grove, Pa.
Gaines Industries - Buffalo, NY
General Aircraft Corporation - Astoria, NY
Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation - Long Island, NY
Kellett Aircraft Corporation - Upper DarbyPhiladelphia, Pa.
Kellett Aircraft Corporation - Philadelphia, Pa.
Andover Kent Aviation Corporation - New Brunswick, NJ
Luscombe Airplane Corporation - Trenton, NJ
Martel Aviaiton - Syracuse, NY
Naval Air Material Center - Philidelphia, Pa.
P-V Engineering Forum, Inc. - Sharon Hill, Penn.
Piper Aircraft Corporation - Lock Haven, Penn.
Platt-LePage Aircraft Company - Eddystone, Pa.
Republic Aviation Corporation - Long Island, NY
Schweizer Aircraft Corporation - Elimra, NY
Summit Aeronautical Corporation - New York City, NY
Nation of Hollywood
Avion, Inc. - Los Angeles, Cal.
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation - San Diego, Cal.
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation - Vultee Field, Cal.
Fletcherr Aviation Corporation - Pasadena, Cal.
General Airborne Transport, Inc. - Los Angelas, Cal.
Harlow Aircraft Company - Alhambra, Cal.
Hiller Industries, Aircraft Division - Berkeley, Cal.
Hockaday Aircraft Corporation - Burbank, Cal.
Hughes Aviation Company - Culver City, Cal.
Hughes Aviation Company - Santa Monica, Cal.
Hughes Aviation Company - El Segundo, Cal.
Hughes Aviation Company - Long Beach, Cal.
Interstate Aircraft & Engineering Corporation - El Segundo, Cal.
Landgraf Helicopter Company - Los Angelas, Cal.
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation - Burbank, Cal.
Northrop Aircraft, Inc. - Hawthorne, Cal.
Ryan Aeronautical Company - San Diego, Cal.
Stinson Division of the Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation - San Diego, Cal.
Timm Sircraft Corporation - Van Nuys, Cal.
Republic of Texas
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation - Forth Worth, Texas
Globe Aircraft Corporation - Fort Worth, Texas
Lockheed Aircraft Corporation - Fort Worth, Texas
Sanderson Machine Corporation - Tulse, Okla.
Southern Aircraft Corporation - Garland, Texas
Spartan Aircraft Company - Tulsa, Okla.
Whittly & Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc. - Oklahoma City, Okla
Whittly & Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc. - Tulsa, Okla.
William and Colt Aviation - Dallas, Texas
Industrial States of America (ISA)
Aeronautical Products, Inc. - Detroit, Mich.
Aeronautical Products, Inc - Washington Court House, Ohio
Aeronca Aircraft Corporation - Middletown, Ohio
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation - Wayne, Mich.
Curtiss-Wright Aviation Corporation - Columbus, Ohio
Curtiss-Wright Aviation Corporation - Clevland, Ohio
Whittly & Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc. - Chicago, Ill.
Fisher Body Division, General Motors Corporation - Cleveland, Ohio
Ford Motor Company - Dearborn, Mich.
Globe Corporation, Aircraft Division - Toliet, Ill.
Goddyear Aircraft Corporation - Akron, Ohio
Howard Aircraft corporation - Charles, Ill.
Lemars Maufacturing company - LeMass, Ohio
McFarland Aircraft Company - Greensville, Ohio
Meyers Aircraft Corporation - Tecumseh, Mich.
Northwestern Aeronautical Corporation - Saint Paul, Minn.
Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation - Alliance, Ohio
Waco Aircraft Company - Trov, Ohio
Confederation of Dixie
Bell Aircraft Corporation - Marietta, Georgia
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation - Miami, Fla.
Curtiss-Wright Aviation Corporation - St. Louis, Mo.
Hughes Aviation Company - St Louis, Mo.
McDonnell Aircraft Corporation - St. Louis, Mo.
St. Louis Aircarft Corporation - St. Louis, Mo.
Strickland Aircraft Corporation - High Point, North Carolina
People's Collective
Beech Airworks - Wichita, Kansas
Cessna Airworks. - Witchita, Kansas
Cessna Airworks - Hutchinson, Kansas
Commonwealth Airworks - Kansas City, Kansas
Culver Aircraft Airworks - Wichita, Kansas
Marquette Airworks - De Moines, Iowa
Marquette Airworks - Rapid City, South Dakota
Glenn L. Martin Airworks - Omaha, Nebraska
Swallow Airworks. - Wichita, Kansas
William and Colt Aviation - Kansas City, Kansas
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation - Nashville, Tenn.
Curtiss-Wright Aviation Corporation - Louisville, Ky.
McDonnell Aircraft Corporation - Memphis, Tenn.
Free State of French Louisiana
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation - New orleans, La.
Higgins Aircraft, Inc. - New Orleans, La.
Morane-Saulinier Airworks - Baton Rouge, La.
Atlantic Coalition
Chance Vought Aircraft Corporation - Stratford, Conn.
Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Aircraft Corporation - Bridgeport, Conn.
United Aircraft Corporation - East Hartford, Conn.
Maritime Provinces
Bell Aircraft Corporation - Burlington, Vt.
Canadian Car & Foundry Co., Ltd. - Amherst, Nova Scotia
Naval Airworks - Portland, Maine
Allied Aviation Corporation - Cockeysville, Maryland
Bellanca Aircraft Corporation - New Castle, Delaware
Erco:  Engineering and Reserch Corporation - Rivendale, MD.
Cheston L. Eshelman Company - Dundalk, MD.
Fairchild Aircraft Corporation - Hagerstown, MD.
Glenn L. Martin Company - Baltimore, MD
Lakota (Sioux Nation)
Big Horn Industries - Sheridan, Wyo.
Big Horn Industries - Billings, Montana
Call Aircraft Company - Afton, Wyo.
Boeing Aircraft Company - Seattle, Wash.
Boeing Aircraft Company - Renton, Wash.
Boeing Aircraft Company - Vancouver, BC
JL Aircraft Industries, Inc. - Portland, Oregon
Navajo Nation
Mesa Industries - Second Mesa
Ravenscroft Industries - Farmington
Ravenscroft Industries - Cedar Ridge
Free Colorado State
Boulder Airworks - Boulder
DeBruin Company - Denver
Denver Machine Company - Denver
Phoenix Aviation - Phoenix, Arizonia
Phoenix Aviation - El Paso, NM
Tuscon Machine Corporation - Tuscon, Arizonia
Deserat Aviation - Salt Lake City
Deserat Aviation - Ogden
Disraeli Foundry Company - Salt Lake City
Canadian Car & Foundry Co., Ltd - Point St. Charles, Quebec
Canadian Car & Foundry Co., Ltd - Turcot, Quebec
Canadian Car & Foundry Co., Ltd - St. Laurent, Quebec
Canadair, Ltd. - Montreal, Que.
Farchild Aircraft, Ltd. - Longueuil, Quebec
Federal Aircraft, Ltd. - Montreal, Quebec
Noorduyn Aviaion, Ltd. - Montreal, Quebec 
Canadian Car & Foundry Co., Ltd. - Fort William, Ontario;
Cockshutt Moulded Aircraft, Ltd. - Brantford, Ontario
De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Ltd. - Toronto, Ontario
Fleet Aircraft Ltd. - Fort Erie, Ontario
MacDonald Bros. Aircraft, Ltd. - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ottawa Car and Aircraft, Ltd. - Ottawa, Ontario
Victory Aircraft, Ltd. - Toronto, Ontario 

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