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Cessna PR-3 Firefly - The small new fighter built by the People's Collective.  It is small, fast and extremely maneuverable
McDonnell P-38a Goshawk - The Dixie's response to the Empire State's Grumman E-1c Avenger.  It's heavily armored and can match just about anyone in the armament department.
REO-McKinnon O3L Owl - One of the smallest and most maneuverable recon plane designed by the up and coming Ontario aviation company REO-McKinnon.
McDonnell IP-35 Banshee - A new interceptor by McDonnell that was designed partially from a Hughes Bloodhawk and also the result of the alliance between McDonnell and British Hawker aviation companies.
McDonnell IP-37 Saber The follow up to the widely popular IP-35 Banshee, the Saber adds to the perfection that was acheived in the Banshee two fold.
Bird or Prey Aeroteck IN-1 Visigoth - The new ISA medium fighter that was made to combat the onslaught of there neighbors.
Dornier Do-335 Pfiel - Check out the new german heavy fighter that has been sweeping the Eastern Seaboard.
Grumman TB-1 Dauntless - Grumman's attempt at building an aerial torpedo bomber.  One of the first  aircraft to be specifically designed for the destruction of Zeppelins.
Mesa Roadrunner - The new Hopi aircraft design for the Navajo Nation, derived partially from the Ravencroft Coyote.  COMING SOON!!!
De Bruin P22-A Mk I Devestator II - A smaller more agile version of the famous and popular Hughes Devestator.  COMING SOON!!!
Draco's Fighter Collection - A collection of aircraft that have little or no information other than the game stats.  A great place to find an unknown design.

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