Up and Coming
This section details what I am working on for the Player's Guide.

Im am overhauling the geography section and will update every page that will contain an
    internal politics overview, relationships with neighboring nations, and the status of it's aircraft industry.
I am also now completeing the text of all the rest of the nations in the geography section.
I am working on about 5 different planes for posting, the J1 Ascender and the old Curtiss Hawk.
Plus I will rework the Pilot's Gallery.
I have also completed some Infantry Rules and a Pirate Campaign that I hope to add soon.

This page contains the chronological listing of updates to this website. Check here to see
what's new! 

Added Harlin's Jesters, Flamberges CS Page, PAU-CAW, Smokey Mountain Boys, and Skies over Pacifica to the links page.
Add Cadet files to all aircraft in the aircraft section
Redid the Rules-Scenario-Gadgets page
Added Bomber Construction Rules to the Rules section


I have added the up and coming section to this page.
I have added the McDonnell Saber and the Grumman Dauntless to the Aircraft section.
I have also added a picture to the Firefly and fixed the typos and mistakes in the Firefly and Goshawk pages.
The Complete Guide to the Aircraft Companies have been redone.


I have redone the whole Links section.  I have added every site out there that has anything to do with Crimson Skies.  I have also rated and displayed the webpage contents for every player webpage.


Added an Aircraft Price list and formula to the Aircraft section
Added Flags to the ISA and Appalachia pages in the Geography section
Replaced the flag in the Collective one with one you can actually see.


Moved Webring off front page into it's own page
Added a new map to the Geography room
Created a People Collective page in the Geogrpahy section
Added Flags to the Dixie page and Louisian page
Added a console for easier access to the webpage

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