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"Welcome to the Moffet Airdrome, home to the 7th Air Wing witch is more commonly known as the Astor's Airmen.  You are welcome to tour the airdrome at your own pace and we encourage you to take one of the many tours, but be sure to stay away from restricted areas."
    Vice-Air Marshal Jason "Draco" Kinart

History of the Airdrome

Moffet Airdrome was founded in 1930 to serve as the sector headquarters for the Upper New York City Air Defensive Zone.  Named after Admiral William Moffet who was considered by most as the father of airship carriers.  The base served well in it's short tenor as sector HQ, but in 1933 a more modern headquarters was established in Yonkers and Moffet was mostly abandoned.  In 1935 the businessman and socialite John Jacob Astor established a new air wing for the 1st Air Division other wise known as the Broadway Bombers.  In establishing his newly formed wing he had to find a suitable site for construction of a homebase.  Why looking for a suitable construction site someone happened to show him the abandoned Moffet Airdrome.  It was just what he was looking for.  It had large administration buildings and a hanger already built and plenty of room to expand.  Astor started a major expansion of the airdrome constructing Hanger 2,3, and 4 and repairing and expanding Hanger 1 and the administration buildings.  After the first couple of squadrons of aircraft arrived and the unit was transformed into a roving air wing instead of a guardian as it was originally designed to be, Astor managed to pull some weight around and get the 27th Carrier Group permanently assigned to the Air wing.  Witch leaves us to modern day.

Current Status

Moffet Airdrome is currently the home of the 7th Air Wing also called the Astor's Airmen.  The base and the air wing is currently commanded by Vice-Air Marshal Jason "Draco" Kinart.  John Astor, the founder and caretaker of the air wing, can often be found touring his favorite unit.  Although the airdrome is officially owned by the Empire States Armed Forces Astor has managed to get permission to construct his own private Hanger witch will house his private airship Astor's Pride.

The Hell's Angels are a long time privateer for the Empire States.  They have recently been given quarters and Hanger space at Moffet Airdrome.  The Angels range far and wide targeting Zeppelins belonging to the Empire's enemies.  There most recent engagement was with a Nation of Hollywood Zep witch the Angels captured with two Bloodhawks still in the zep's hanger bay.  The Angels are mostly equipped with Whittly and Douglas M210 Ravens with only a few captured McDonnell S2b Kestrels for ground attacks.

Organizational Pamphlet - An overview of the structure of the 7th Air Wing

Moffet Airdrome Aviation Museum - Visit Moffet Airdromes famous Aviation Museum.  It has a wide variety of information from the Airmen's trophy room to a tour of the carrier Albatross.

16th Fighter Group - Take an in-depth look at the fighter squadrons of the 16th air group.

8th Bomber Group - Check out the backbone of the Airmen, the Bomber group.

27th Carrier Group - Check out the large fleet ships of the Eagle's Airmen.

152nd Air Marine Battalion - A well trained battalion, it is well worth a look.

Hell's Angels Privateer Group - Check out the privateer group that has recently signed onto Moffet Airdrome.

Other Units and Enemies - See the many other groups that I run and some of the enemies units that I use.

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