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Unit Guide

Air Militias
Empire States
Broadway Bombers
    Carnegie's Crusaders
    Rockafeller's Rangers
    Gramercy Hussars - Captain Thersa Wells-Vanderbilt
    Madison Avenue Venturers - Loyle "Show Stopper" Crawford
    Astor's Airmen - Vice Air Marshal Jason "Draco" Kinart
        Astor's Aviators - Col. William T. Jacobs
            Fanfarillo's Flyers - Lt. Col. Sisto Fanfarillo
            Wild Cards - Captain Valentine "Val" Buzbee
            Hellhounds - Captain pauline "Grey Ghost" Gray
        8th Bomber Group - Lt. Colonel Frank Tinker
            Bulls Eye Bombers - Major Brian "Hudson Hawk" O'Rourke
            Drake's Dragons - Captain William "Billy" Drake
        Moffet Training Squadron - Captain AJ Lewis
Long Island Lancers
Albany Airmen
Buffalo Borderers
Liberty Belles
New Jersey Chargers
Nation of Hollywood
Hollywood Knights
Hughes Air Guard
Republic of Texas
Air Rangers
    Peregrine's Raptors - Jason "Peregrine" Matthews
Free State of French Louisiana
Dervish Air Unit - French Foreign Legion
Chapeau d'Or Squadron
Lakota (Sioux Nation)
Wind Warriors
People's Collective
    14th Squadron (The Avatars) - Aaron "Easter" Whittaker
Roberts' Sky-Harrowers
Deborah Squadron
Confederation of Dixie
Well's Sharks militia - Jackson Wells
2nd Atlanta Air Militia - Garret Dawes
1st Georgia Air Squadron "Winged Knights" - Colonel Beauregard Travis
Carolina Coast Guardians - Robert "Skyboss" Norman - Dixie
    Currituck Corsairs - Edward "Eddie" Teach
    Hatteras Harriers
    Teal Squadron (Training Unit)
    The Wreckers, Auxiliary AAA Unit
Alabam Mud Hoppers - Robert "English Bob" Wooten-Taylor - Dixie
Blueridge Eagle - Col. Lee
Osprey Squadron - Cdr. Byrd
138th Royal Air Training Wing - Capt. Eifion Llandaf - United Kingdom
    5th Air Wing
        The Flying Eleventh - Major John Roberts
            Gyrfalcon's Goshawks - Captain Justin "Gyrfalcon" Shepard
            Regan's Roughriders - Captain Regan "Firebird" O'Donnell
            The Eleventh's Eleventh - Captain Simon "Hardy" Harrison
            Patrick's Polecats - Captain Patrick "Golden Boy" O'Toole
Industrial States of America (ISA)
1st Milwaukee Air Guard
The Windy City Challengers
Wooden Hearts Squadron
Maritime Provinces
Nashua Knights
Louisville Lancers
Phoenix Flaconers - Captain Paul Webb Sr.
Navajo Nation
Wind Warriors

Empire States
Black Swan - Natalia "Black Swan
Sky Hawk - Captain Neville
Hell's Angels - Frankie "The Devil's Executioner" Lobberegt
    Fighter Squadron (The Archangels) - Jennifer "Hell's Mistress" Hawthorne
    Assault Squadron (The Wraith fo God) - Edward "Pug" Pugsley
Nation of Hollywood
Blood's Banshees - Captain Benjamin "Banshee" Blood
    23rd Squadron (Blood's Bad-Boys) - Captain Peter Blood
    5th Squadron (Harrison's Harriers) - Lt. Morgan Harrison
    8th Squadron (Deauveroux's Destroyers) - Lt. Deauveroux St. Croix
Night Herons
Republic of Texas
Horrall's Hangmen - Joe "Executioner " Horrall
Free State of French Louisiana
Lyon's Lions - Perrie "Lion" Lyons
Confederation of Dixie
Gale Force
Rebel's Revenge - Bill "One eye Jack" Jackson
The Sea Witch
Industrial States of America (ISA)
The Toledo Mudhens
The Condor Legion
Maritime Province
Black Cat Privateer Company - Thomas Bishop
The Wiskey Baron

Pirate Group
Eastern Seaboard
Hell's Henchmen
Red Skull Legion - Jonathan "Gingis" Khan
Slade's Black Water Bandits
Everglades Executioners - Michael Foster
Adirondack Alleycats - Brian "Red" O'Reilly
Great Plains
The Redmann Gang - Bill "Marshal" Redmann
    Goliath Squadron
The Bayou Bastards - John "Bushwhacker" Jacobs
Capono's Cavaliers
The Sun Children
Red Sky
Ryan's Roughnecks
The Mad Mongrels
The Communist Freedom League
Western Seaboard
Yosemite Brotherhood
Red Dragons - Prince Vlad
Los Lobos Negros (The Black Wolves)

Unionist Militia
Roving Cyclones
Lincoln's Brigade
Aviation Security / Mercenary
Blake's Aviation Security - Paladin Blake
Alexander Shipping and Avaition Security - Thomas Alexander

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