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Confederation of Dixie

The Confederation of Dixie was revived after the dissolution of the United States.  The Confederacy contains the states of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri.  All of the original states that joined the old Confederate States of America joined the new confederacy except Louisiana, Texas and Tennessee but have partially made up for there loss with the state of Missouri joining the Confederacy.  The Confederation is the largest nation of North America but most of the land is devoted to agriculture.

The Confederation of Dixie is steeped in history.  To the south honor and chivalry still one of the most important things.  The men that fly for Dixie still consider themselves knights of the sky as did the pilots that flew in the Great War.  Though race is still a controversial question in the south recently integration of squadrons have begun and with kill records increasing by black pilots the racist have simmered some.

Statistics Aircraft Companies

The Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Aircraft  Division - St. Louis
Laister-Kauffmann Aircraft Corporation - St. Louis
Bell Aircraft Corporation - Marietta
McDonnell Aircraft Corporation - St. Louis
St. Louis Aircraft Corporation - St. Louis
Strickland Aircraft Corporation - High Point
Air Militia

1st Georgia Air Unit, "Winged Knights" - Colonel Beauregard Travis
2nd Atlanta Air Militia - Garret Dawes
Wells' Sharks Militia - Jackson Wells
Carolina Coast Guardians - Robert "Skyboss" Norman
    Currituck Corsairs - Edward "Eddie" Teach
    Hatteras Harriers
    Teal Squadron (Training Unit")
    The Wreckers, Auxiliary AA Unit
2nd Alabama Air Guard
Alabama Mud Hoppers - Robert "English Bob" Wooten-Taylor


Rebel's Revenge - Bill "One eye Jack" Jackson

Pirate Groups

Everglades Executioners - Michael Foster

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