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The Curtiss - Wright Corporation


The Curtiss-Wright Corporation is one of the most diverse nations of North America.  With holdings in what would be five different countries the break-up of the United States threatened to destroy the corporation as it did to North American Aviation, but with the release of the J-1 Ascender in 1931 and adoptation of inventive shipping and management policies the company bounced back with avengence.

The Curtiss-Wright Corporation was founded in Dayton, Ohio as the Wright Company but unfornetly spent there early years fighting patent infringemnet cases witch brought sizebul sums from royalties.  With no new aircraft designs the Wright Company soon found itself outclased by its competetors and after the death of Wilbur Wright's brother the company was sold to a New York Financer Glenn H. Curtiss.  The newly reborn Curtiss-Wright Corporation, as it was now called, quickly expanded to inlcuce plants in Buffalo and Kenmore in New York, Columus, Ohio, St. Louis, MO, and Louisville, Kentucky. 



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