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The nation of Appalachia is made up of the Mountain states of West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.
The Mountain nation of Appalachia is one of the most deadliest country on the Eastern Sea Board, particularly the Allegheny Front, also known as the Hell's Heights, where the nations of Appalachia, Dixie, Columbia, Empire States and the ISA meet.

Although Appalachia controls the majority of the Appalachian mountain region Dixie's Outer Banks continue to vie for the control of this mountainous land.  This mountain region is where most of the shine operations exists, witch provides Appalachia with it's biggest export and also the craving of Dixie for this lucrative operation.  In this long fought battle Appalachia has long sought the Empire States backing, not to mention militia support, for their claim to these mountains.  Appalachia's most common ploy to try and get backing is playing off the loathing of the Return of the Confederacy by most northerners, but also have deliberately targeted The ISA with it's unofficial shine operations in a good will gesture to the Empire States.

The Appalachians are home to more smuggler's dens and pirate havens than any other nation other than possibly the Free Colorado State.  They most viscous and successful groups that have formed in these mountains are the Hell's Henchmen witch gained it's experience in the deadly Hell's Heights.  They now operate through out the mountainous range and are rumored to accept "tribute" from both Dixie and Appalachia to not except a letter of Marquee from either nations.

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