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Bird of Prey Aeroteck IN-1 Visigoth

Designer Notes - This aircraft was made by Mike 'Swordsman' Sisson, if you have any questions concerning this aircraft use the link above to contact him. 

Name - Bird of Prey Aeroteck IN-1 Visigoth
Type - Fighter (Tractor)
Manufacturer - Bird of Prey Aeroteck - Chicago, Illinois, ISA
Engine - Mercedes Silver Scream Mk III 1342 h.p.
Loaded Weight - 8,250 lbs.
Service Ceiling - 19,210 ft.
Range - 650 miles
Max. Speed - 302 mph
Max. Accel. - 32.8 feet/second
Max. Dece. - 65.6 feet/second

Wing Span - 52 ft.
Length - 34 ft. 6 in.
Height - 13 ft.

(4) Maxim-Hotchkiss 'Hussar' 40-caliber Machine Guns

Design History:
    The Visigoth was commissioned in 1935 by the ISA to counter the depredations of Empire squadrons such as the Broadway Bombers and the Grumman Avenger in specific.  With a higher top speed, stronger airframe, and 300 lbs. more armor than the Avenger, it can stand up to all but the toughest fighters and the lion's share of heavies.   The Visigoth suffers from one drawback, more a show of the public's love of huge guns than anything, its armament consists of 4 .40 caliber machine guns.  At the buyers request, Bird of Prey will lower the armor load by 100 lbs. to add an additional 2 .30 caliber guns.

    Bird of Prey Aeroteck was founded in 1932 as a parts supplier to Curtis-Wright.  When the ISA Government issued a call for designs for a new medium weight fighter, Bird of Prey saw their opportunity and responded with the Visigoth.  After being awarded the contract, BoPA retooled a parts line in Chicago IL. to produce the Visigoth.

Role and Deployment:
    The Visigoth is designed to shoot down enemy planes, any enemy planes, lots of enemy planes.  It is a beautiful combination of form and function that can out turn, climb and dive many lighter fighters and can stand toe to toe with the big heavies.  Primarily based out of Zeppelin carriers, the ISA also bases squadrons of the Visigoth out of their Ohio Valley Airdromes.

Game Stats:
Game Points Mass
Base Target Number 6 5,000 lbs.
Maximum Speed 4 1,600 lbs.
Maximum Gs 3 1,200 lbs.
Maximum Acceleration 1 300 lbs.
Armor Points 300 900 lbs.
Nose 60 180 lbs.
Port Wing Leading 50 150 lbs.
Port Wing Trailing 40 120 lbs.
Starboard Wing Leading 50 150 lbs.
Starboard Wing Trailing 40 120 lbs.
Tail 60 180 lbs.
Weapons Arc Mass
40-cal. machine gun Forward 250 lbs.
40-cal. machine gun Forward 250 lbs.
40-cal. machine gun Forward 250 lbs.
40-cal. machine gun Forward 250 lbs.

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