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The Republic of Texas

The Republic of Texas is made up of the former states of Texas and Oklahoma, although Oklahoma is considered a protectorate.  Out of all the nations of North America Texas is considered the most aggressive, viewing all other nations with contempt.  Texas was the first nation to brake away from the United States on January 1st, 1930, two months after the stock market crashed .

The Republic of Texas views most other nation with little more than contempt and especially dislikes any nation that has allied them selves with European nations.  For this reason the Free State of French Louisiana is the Republics biggest enemy, especially since the arrival of the Dervish Air Unit of the French Foreign Legion fresh from the Spanish Civil War.  Second on Texas's hit list is the Confederation of Dixie because of there economic alliance with Britain witch they view as just another European nation poking there head into were it does not belong.  Recent pirate raids out of the Free Colorado State, especially the large raid on Amarillo, have brought the FCS up with Dixie.  Arixo has had no real problems with the republic but always keep an eye out for they are aware of Texas's eyes on there mineral rich territories. The only reason that Texas has not expanded south into Mexico is that there is nothing to gain and view the Mexican air force with contempt ever since the Second Battle of the Alamo.

Statistics Aircraft Companies

The Douglas Aircraft Company - Tulsa and Oklahoma City
The Globe Aircraft Corporation - Fort Worth
The Lockheed Aircraft Corporation "service bases and modification centers" - Dallas
The Sanderson Machine Corporation - Tulsa
Southern Aircraft Corporation - Garland
The Spartan Aircraft Company - Tulsa
Air Militia

Texas Air Rangers


Horrall's Hangmen - Joe "Executioner" Horrall

Pirate Groups

Redmann Gang - Bill "Marshal" Redmann

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