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Cessna PR-3 Firefly

Designer Notes - This craft was inspired by the small fighters of W.W.II.  Particularly the Bell XP-77 which was an all wood mini fighter design. 

Picture of a Unionist Militia Firefly

"It might be small, but it gets the job done, defending the people from capitalist aggressors"
    - Comrade Major Justin Rodale, Communist Freedom League

Name - Cessna PR-3 Firefly
Class - Fighter (tractor)
Manufacturer - Cessna Airworks - Wichita, Kansas, PC
Engine - Ranger twelve-cylinder Vee Engine 575 h.p.
Loaded Weight - 3,250 .lbs
Service Ceiling - 16,043 ft.
Range - 250 miles
Max. Speed - 307 mph
Max. Accel. - 65.7 feet/second
Max. Decel. - 66.6 feet/second

Wing Span - 24 ft. 11 in.
Length - 22 ft. 10 in.
Height - 6 ft. 9 in.

    (2) Czech 30-caliber Machine Guns

Design History:
    The Firefly originated for the need of a cheap fighter craft for the many small town air militias in the People's Collective.  After increasing raids into the People's Collective the committee saw the need for a cheap, easy to produce aircraft.  The Aircraft Bureau announced a design competition for a fighter that was cheap to produce, easy to mass manufacture, and easy to fly and maintain.  Three state-owned airworks, the Martin Airworks, Beach Airworks, and Cessna Airworks,  submitted there designs  to the Bureau in late 1934.  The Cessna design was picked for it's light weight design made mostly of wood, which makes it ideal for the mineral-poor lands of the Collective.
    The Firefly is a very small and light weight aircraft, weighing only a mere 3,250 pounds.  It has short thin wings, which make the craft one of the most maneuverable plane in North America.  The Firefly is a tractor aircraft equipped with a Cessna coped Ranger twelve-cylinder Vee in-lined engine that produces an impressive 575 h.p that allows the Firefly to exceed 300 mphs.  The cockpit is located behind the trailing edges of it's wings, making for easy bail outs and better visibility all around and below.  The Cessna craft is armed with only a pair of Czech made 30-caliber machine guns, which are located along the side of the Ranger engine, and a few rocket hardpoints.  Although the Firefly does not have the firepower of most aircraft used, in great numbers the agile and quick fighter has managed to destroy a better equipped, albeit smaller force.

    The Firefly was designed to be a point defense fighter for the small town militias that litter the Collective.  Used primarily by farmers who often mass together to take on invading forces that are trying to raid there small town.  The simple control panels and the ease at which the aircraft handles make it perfect for the ill-experienced pilots that are so common in the militias of the People's Collective.  The simple engine and wood construction makes it idle for the mechanics of Collective militias, which are little more than blacksmiths.  Even a couple of well known aces have started to use this small, but agile craft using it's size as an advantage taking it into places that normal aircraft could not go.  The small size, speed, and the incredible maneuverability of the Firefly make it a difficult target to pursue even buy the most experienced pilots.
    Recently the Firefly have started to show up in airship escort squadrons.  There small size and weight allows the zeppelin to carry two, sometimes three times as many fighters than normal.  The mass tactic used by the Firefly is often used by the Collective, especially since few of it's pilots have the skill to match the aces out of other countries.

    The Firefly is deployed mainly to small town militias that scatter the People's Collective.  They have primarily shown up in the militias along the board with the ISA and Dixie although they are now showing up in numbers along the boarder with the FCS where pirates attacks usually originate.
    To the people's dismay some small pirate bands have started to use the small and agile craft.  The small size allows pirates to hide them virtually anywhere, from a small shack to an underground garage in the bigger cities. One notable pirate band that has shown up using the Firefly is the Communist Freedom League.  Already rumors are going wild at how the League got there hands on the Firefly.  The most common rumor is that the Collective is unofficially providing men and material to the League and the Firefly is just the beginning.  Of course these rumors can not be proven and already the Collective has issued a statement of denial.

Pilots and Campaigns:
     Most pilots of the Firefly are usually ill-experienced farmers that are part of there local militia.  But there are always exceptions to the rules.  One of the most notable pilots of the Firefly is Captain Justin Rodale, a member of the Communist Freedom League.  His squadron was equipped with the Firefly in a recent attack on an airbase in the Republic of Texas.  He was reported to have flown his fighter through the hanger which housed six William and Colt Peacemakers belonging to a squadron of Texas Air Rangers.  As he flew through he dropped two bombs detonating all six planes as they were starting to taxi out.  Of course these are just rumors, but his reputation has steadily grown in the League and he has recently be promoted to the rank of major for his work in the raid.

Game Stats:
Game Points Mass
Base Target Number 10 1000 lbs.
Maximum Speed 4 160 lbs.
Maximum Gs 5 300 lbs.
Acceleration Rate 2 20 lbs.
Armor Points 70 210 lbs.
Nose 20 60 lbs.
Port Wing Leading 10 30 lbs.
Port Wing Trailing 10 30 lbs.
Starboard Wing Leading 10 30 lbs.
Starboard Wind Trailing 10 30 lbs.
Tail 10 30 lbs.
Weapons Arc Mass
30-cal. machine gun Gun 6 150 lbs.
30-cal. machine gun Gun 7 150 lbs.
Cargo Bay none 10 lbs.

Cadet File

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